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PERCITE offers a layered product, supporting the supply chain's arena:


 SCMaster comprises of the following software modules, addon to ERP        processes:


  • Import mgmt., shipment tracking, document mgmt. & LCM,


  • Export mgmt., carrier selection, document management, & LCM,


  • PO Collaboration with material vendors integration,


  • SAM - Smart Freight and Landed Costs eAudit,


  • BI & Analytics of Freight & landed Cost KPIs,



    SCMaster provides a holistic solution that:


  • Connects suppliers and LSPs into extended enterprise,


  • Links enterprise systems (ERP) to supply chain operations,


  • Consolidates supply chain information into a unified space for analysis,


  • Provides monitoring and analytical tools focused on actions that improve present operations and long-term performance,

SCMster Insight Architecture

Enterprise & Cloud/SaaS

Based Solution

Smart eFreight Audit Module

Mask Track by SCMaster

SCMaster  Offering in a Glance



Customers' Case Studies

SCMaster Architecture

SCMaster  Modules Overview

PO Collaboration Competitive Analysis vs ERP Portals

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