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Supply Chain Costs - A Beatable  Hurdle


Commercial enterprises devote more than 10% of their revenue on supply chain operations. In the U.S. alone, supply chain expenses exceed $1.0 trillion annually. Worldwide, supply chain expenses exceed $3.5 trillion.


PERCITE's focus in supply chain operations is simple.


We add value by delivering capabilities that lower your costs while meeting or exceeding today's high standards for customer service.


In our consulting practice, we focus on four elements of  a total solution:

  • Assessments  – in-depth reviews across multiple supply chain functions designed to identify and quantify specific opportunities.


  • Robust Methodology - Our implementation methodology is based on object oriented, blue-print, use-case project and process analysis, hence, decreases risks, shorten time to market and delivers hard dollar value to our customers


  • Targeted Solutions  – projects targeted at specific opportunities, using proven, time tested methodologies and tools to yield measurable results.


  • Enabled Technology – a total process approach to technology selection and implementation designed to meet business objectives and deliver promised value.


PERCITE's enterprise software provides real-time visibility and operations analysis tools to effectively manage today's sophisticated, multi-echelon supply chains. 


Our flagship product, SCMaster™ integrates external trading partners and internal enterprise systems into one coherent process.  SCMaster™ provides visibility, control and continuous improvement for the ordering and transporting of essential materials.


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