Our Team


The top four team members bring over 110 years of experience in Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Software.


The Team has deep experiance with ERP, Forwarding, EDI, Import and Export Knowledge, which was  acquired with large projects such as:


  KLA Tencor                      eFreight Audit


  Orbotech Inc.              Freight-out Mgmt. 


  IEC Electric CO.              Freight-In Mgmt


  TowerJazz Semi            eFreight Audit


  Motorola Solutions      Freight-In Mgmt.


  Champion Motors        Freight-In Mgmt


  Plasan Sasa                   Supply Chain Mgmt.

Focused, Motivated, Dedicated, Professional Team
SCMaster supported in 2009 Plasan Sasa's
$1B US Army 10,000 Armored Vehicles Assembly's
Supply Chain

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