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Percite Business Overview 

PERCITE Advanced Technologies Ltd. develops and sells SCMaster® Sphere (Supply Chain Master), an expert platform for managing in-transit inbound (import) and outbound (export) shipments, targeted at large manufacturing Enterprises.


The Problem & Impact on Profitability

As the manufacturing world rapidly shifts into global sourcing in order to optimize costs, legacy ERP systems that were designed mainly to handle the domestic supply chain, fail to keep up with the spiraling complexities.


Various studies by Aberdeen Group as well as PERCITE's own customer data indicate that by implementing expert system such as SCMaster Sphere, a typical mid-size manufacturer (~ $200M - $2B YGR) can achieve savings of ~ 1%-2% of COGS, which is translated to $1M-$3M, increasing bottom-line profitability by 5%-8%.


Unique Value Proposition to the Shipment Life Cycle

SCMaster automates tedious and error prone purchase, import and export manual handling, and adds workflow control and intelligent engines to the shipment life cycle. The use of SCMaster takes away a layer of manual operations from the inventory management process, resulting in higher efficiency, less errors, increased profits and while seamlessly interacting with the ERP and carriers (such as couriers, ocean carriers and forwarders), achieves a dramatic cut of human effort of the buyers, schedulers and shipping teams involved in this process.


SCMaster Product Suite – an Expert Export/Import ERP Logistics Extension

SCMaster Sphere is Multi ORG, Multi ERP, and supports Corporate BI analytics, including inter-company transactions offset for logistics and logistics-financial transactions. 


SCMaster is an expert platform with interfaces to the organization’s ERP system, and its carriers’ electronic or automatic feeds.  A behind-the-firewall gateway integrates the ERP with the SCMaster platform. SCMaster Product Suite has been in production for more than 5 years, executing over 15,000,000 transactions!


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